Studying with Olive

I’m on the road to becoming part of the Autoworkers Union and driving community shuttle busses. Right now I need to get my class 4 learners which means writing a 35 question test based on a 292 page manual with amazing insights like “to turn right pull on the right side of the wheel and pull on the left side to turn left.” Most of it is incredibly redundant and it feels like it’s meant for children. Less intelligent children.
Unfortunately there is also useful information hidden here and there and I have to wade through the mind numbing pap to find it.
So . . I decided to make a blog post about it!

Olive is studying. Which means she’s:

DIY’ing a standing desk


Doing some art


Figuring out interior design plans


Hanging art


Finding favorite family photos to display


Setting up . . an altar?


And of course – making blog posts!
Oh dear. I guess I should post this puppy and get back to reading.  I think my friend had it right when she said to just go there, get the book, read till 4:30, then write the test. At least that would stop me from being distracted!

-Olive out


~ by CarbonSwan on March 24, 2014.

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