Sustainable Hair Removal

So I’ve been thinking about hair removal quite a bit lately. My main concern is can it be environmentally responsible and sustainable. 

Of course disposable razors are out, but even the ones where you can replace the blade can’t be okay. The blade is both plastic & metal and usually some sort of moisturizing strip. That’s not getting recycled. So it’s landfill & forever(at least in the scope of my lifetime) pollution. Plus the whole handle is plastic. When I’m done with it – or replace it for a newer, better model as I’m encouraged to – it’s landfill filler too.

I considered some of the rip off methods, and possibly using cloth strip and wax or sugar would be okay. However, while I could do it on my legs I definitely don’t want to do it in more sensitive areas.

Finally I had thought about going old school with a straight blade but I just don’t think it’s intelligent to use a bare razor on skin over major veins or arteries. But this type of razor seems to take care of that problem!

It’s a safety razor, but you can also replace the blades, and in this case it’s just the metal razor blade you replace, no plastic junk. Plus it takes any blade not just the one’s the company sells.

I’m definitely interested in getting this!


~ by CarbonSwan on March 22, 2014.

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